Marquis Heirloom Quilt Set

Memory Quilt, Pillow & Braided Rug Sets

Preserving Tradition

Hand made with 100% preshrunk vintage and recent wool from recycled garments and remnants.

These quilt sets re-visit an age gone by when scraps and remnants were both valuable and beautiful. The quilt, pillow and braided rug sets I make are a blend of old fashioned necessity and willingness to work, and a new reverence for the ways of old. My mother inspired me decades ago with her thrift and sewing savvy to make these quilt sets and help revive and preserve a tradition of respect for resources. Sadly, our elders will take much of this valuable wisdom with them as they pass on. I feel the spirit of another generation constantly reminding me that progress is not always progress.

I have 3 queen sets available, please call for more pictures and pricing information.

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